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Corporate Practice

Church Law

Non-Profit Corporations – Church Law: Non-Profit Legal Counsel (NPLC)


Mission Statement: We are dedicated to serving the legal need of Christian faith base nonprofit and other tax-exempt organizations. We understand the “business” of non profits, which permit us to understand the dynamics of the struggles and every day concerns of our clients. We counsel board members and executives of non profits on legal strategies to expand and improve their programs. We provide our clients practical and effective solutions to their legal needs


Our Services: We provide services to a broad range of legal needs of non profits organizations, commensurate with the financial resources of non profits.


These services to our clients cover various legal needs and include the following:


  • Formation of nonprofit organization

  • Application for 501(c)3 Status - tax exemption

  • Development and drafting of Conflict of Interest and “self-dealing”

  • Amendments and corrections to Article of Incorporation

  • Amendments to By-Laws, such as By-laws revisions and changes in governance structure

  • Corporate maintenance: minutes, record keeping, etc.

  • Removing unwanted directors

  • Legal and operations reviews and audits

  • Communication nonprofit members in dispute matters

  • Drafting of Operating procedures and manuals

  • Director fiduciary duty and liability

  • Contract negotiation, drafting and documentation

  • Mandatory public disclosure requirements

  • Joint ventures with for-profit as well as other non profit organizations

  • Foundation excise taxes - and how to minimize them

  • Hiring, firing and other human resource matters

  • Avoiding taxes on "unrelated business" income

  • Commercial activities

  • Major donor issues

Seminars: We provide seminars through out Texas to nonprofit organizations in an effort to provide a forum for instruction, analysis, development and question and answer.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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